About Delta Echo Interactive

Delta Echo and its team posses over 18 years combined experience in online gaming, marketing, film, television and commercial production and high-level brand integrations in both traditional and new media.

This experience allows Delta Echo to maximize value for both clients and their brand partners by using gaming initiatives as the foundation for broader cross-platform marketing strategies.

Damon D’Amore
President and Founder

Damon has successfully managed the production and brand integrations for the casual gaming promotions of such high-profile properties as the DreamWorks animated films ‘Shrek The Third’ and ‘Flushed Away,’ both distributed on America Online. For one of Delta Echo’s clients he is managing the production and brand integrations for the first-ever MMO virtual game based on a major network television property.

In traditional media, Damon produced a number of creative brand integrations for Fortune 500 companies on multiple seasons of the reality television show ‘The Apprentice with Donald Trump.’

Damon held the position of Vice President of Production and Development for the independent film and television studio The Shooting Gallery where he worked on films such as ‘You Can Count On Me’ and commercial campaigns for major brands such as Sony.

Prior to his last 12 years in the entertainment and new media sectors, Damon was a Vice President for a major institutional brokerage and trading firm on Wall Street.

The Team

The company’s staff, complimented by a talented and experienced team of production specialists who have worked on a number of our projects allows Delta Echo to provide a flexible level of support, from managing a single site build to the multiple online, offline and mobile platforms of a sustained long-term marketing, advertising or PR initiative.